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Make a Difference in Women's Lives

Donations and GiftsEvery dollar you contribute helps to fund research and advocacy to build a stronger world for women around the globe. Your contribution will fund the Women & Girls’ Gender and Multi-Cultural Equity Education Program which will enable each child to learn the value of women’s contributions in history, literature, the arts and sciences. Your generous support will finance the Biotechnology Program on Health and Genetically Engineered Food which will educate communities about rBGH and its link to many cancers. Your financial commitment to Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide will guarantee research and worldwide lecture series on the link between cancer and other illnesses and environmental pollutants as part of the Women’s Environmental Health Program. Your generous contribution will help the Pediatric Environmental Health Project to expose the correlation between environmental toxins and childhood illnesses. The Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide will advocate for a safe, healthy world for all children. Cloning and its effect on medical privacy, predictive testing, environmental health and women’s reproductive decisions are important issues. Your financial support to the Biotechnology Program on Women’s Human Rights Science and Technology Project will fuel research, monitoring and advocacy for individual human rights free of genetic discrimination.

To learn more how you can help the foundation achieve its goals, please visit our Membership, Contribution, and Scholarship areas. Or, you can submit your query via our online request form. Your contribution to Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide is fully tax-deductible.

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