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Promoting Progressive Social Change for Women

Progressive Social ChangeIn every country of the world, women lack full resources to live a healthy, economically productive, environmentally safe, educated life. There is not one country on this planet where women possess all of these entitlements. The Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide seeks to empower women with the information and advocacy necessary to change their lives for the better.

Whether it is institutional equity education in elementary schools and high schools with women’s accomplishments taught on a par with those of men, controlling or eradicating the use of chemicals that cause cancer, improving work conditions and increasing the hourly wage, guaranteeing full reproductive freedom, or a moratorium on genetically altered food until proven safe, the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide strives to be a world leader in the dissemination of information and strategies to enable women to empower themselves.

No other organization brings together the array of public policy issues studied by the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide. The Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide is the only organization studying biotechnology through the lens of women’s human rights with an education, environmental health, reproductive rights, health care and economic justice perspective. The effects that the biotechnological age will have on women are already known. Few are paying attention to the price we are paying and will pay in the future in regard to cultivation of genetically engineered food, cloning and intellectual life patents. Focusing on these dangers as viewed through women’s perspective is crucial and visionary. Our work on biotechnology combined with our other programs is crucial to the future health and survival of women. The goal of the foundation is to orchestrate research and analysis to energize, strategize and effect positive change for women’s human rights around the world. It is our ultimate goal to influence community action, cultural beliefs and governmental reform.

We invite you to join us on our journey to help make this world a healthier, safer and stronger place for women. Our work with organizations worldwide will help the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide achieve its mission.

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