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Advocacy for Women WorldwideOur Programs - An Overview

The issues of human rights, economic justice, education, biotechnology, and environmental health have a direct impact on women and children, a majority of the world's population often ignored in mainstream policy discussions. The goal of Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide is to broaden the debate by expanding the perspective from which these issues are examined, and thus improve the lives of women. In identifying problems, the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide moves forward to propose solutions and advocate for needed changes.

To meet this challenge, the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide has established the following programs:

Women and Girl's Gender and Multi-Cultural Equity Education Program defines and implements gender-Equity Educationfair education curriculum for elementary and high school students. Incorporating contributions of girls and women in history, literature, the arts and sciences, is a crucial link to fairness and equity in our world. The goal of this program is to build the self-esteem of girls and nurture respect and understanding among classmates and teachers in the United States and around the world.

Our Biotechnology Program consists of two projects which examine the impact of genetic engineering on womenís lives and its impact on health, food safety and nutrition, environments, reproduction and economics.

Genetic Engineered FoodHealth and Genetically Engineered Food Project studies food labeling, allergic reactions from foreign proteins and bacteria gene-spliced into everyday food, and recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) injected into cows and its link to breast, colon and prostate cancer. This project studies the contamination of organic crops by genetically engineered agriculture, food safety standards, ecological effects, food slander laws, soil ecology and intellectual life patents.

Science and TechnologyThe Womenís Human Rights Science and Technology Project examines cloning, focusing on genetic engineering, drug resistant viruses and diseases, genetic discrimination, medical privacy, predictive testing, and womenís control of their reproductive decisions.

Women's Health Care and Reproductive Rights Program monitors international development of Reproductive Rightsreproductive technologies and medicine and the availability of comprehensive, affordable, quality health care. The Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide monitors and acts on new contraception technologies marketed worldwide, population control programs, laws criminalizing pregnant womenís behavior, women as subjects of experimental reproductive technologies, and institutional impediments on the right of women to choose if and when to have children.

Women's Environmental Health Program studies the connection between cancer and other illnesses and Environmental Healthenvironmental pollutants, including PCBs, organochlorides and estrogen-mimicking chemicals. The Pediatric Environmental Health Project exposes the connection between childhood illnesses and environmental toxins.

Economic Justice and Human Rights Oversight Project links each of the foundation's programs by Human Rightspromoting womenís economic self-sufficiency and guaranteeing their active role in economic and human rights decisions. The objective of this project is to assist women in achieving a higher standard of life, globally, and to advance human rights at all levels.

The Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide Internship Program seeks internship candidates for the summer, fall and winter/spring Internshipssemesters of each year. Two-four unpaid Research Assistant positions are available each semester. Government, business, education, biology and women’s studies majors are invited to apply. Candidates must be a junior or senior and possess exceptional research, writing, computer and communication/networking skills.

The Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide Fellowship Program invites individuals to apply for participation in the organizationís FellowshipsFellowship Program. Each fellow is assigned to work on one or more of the organizationís programs and will work under the direct supervision of a Research Associate. Applicants to the Fellowship Program must have a minimum of two years work experience.

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