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Our People Make the Difference

The Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide was created by individuals who possess collectively more than 100 years of professional experience in the government, nonprofit and private sectors. The Board of Directors of the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide is the management team and has developed sound strategic plans that contribute to the viability and success of the organization. Board members are a former president and consultants of statewide women's organizations, advisors to statewide office holders, scholars, an attorney, a biologist, computer, business and marketing experts and women's rights activists. We have lobbied state and national elected officials on all issues that affect women's human rights. Indeed, we possess hard-core, down-to-earth practical experience on how to get a job done. The Board of Directors is creative, future-focused, and possesses a broad-based commitment to a shared vision: a world where all women of the globe enjoy full reproductive freedom and health care, economic independence, equity in education and a toxic-free environment. We invite you to join us on our journey to help make this world a healthier, safer and stronger place for women. Our work with organizations worldwide will help The Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide achieve its mission.

Lois J. Shapiro-Canter, President and CEO

lois Shapiro-CanterLois J. Shapiro-Canter is the President and Chief Executive Officer as well as the Founder of the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide, Inc. Lois has been a leader in the fields of economic, environmental and civil justice for more than two decades. She has worked with government officials and community activists to implement progressive policies that improve the lives of women, children and men. Her experience as a senior legislative analyst, a municipal advisor, an assistant district attorney, educator and statewide womenís civil rights leader allows her to bring multifaceted talents to the world of global reform. MORE...

Jay Mitchell Canter, Executive Vice-President

Executive Vice-President Jay Mitchell Canter, M.S., brings to the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide over a quarter of a century of combined experience in the biopharmaceutical industry as a research biologist, clinical data manager and sales and marketing director and consultant. His unique insight into this specialized industry, with his study and work as a biologist, offers invaluable opportunities on the biotechnology front.

After obtaining his B.S. in Biology and Psychology at the State University of New York at Albany, Jay pursued a career as a Research Biologist in Cardiovascular Pharmacology at Sterling Winthrop Research Institute. Jayís laboratory was responsible for the discovery and development of Amrinone and Milrinone, two novel cardiotonic agents used for the treatment of congestive heart failure and cardiac support. Jay authored several scientific journal articles on the therapeutic use of the new cardiotonic agents and was also involved in the discovery and development of several antiarrhythmic agents. Jay's interest in computerization of biological data led him to obtain an M.S. in Computer Science at Union College in Schenectady, New York. As Buxco Electronic Life Sciences Product Manager he helped develop, market, sell and support itís first digitally computerized data acquisition and analysis systems for cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, neurological and invitro research. Later, as Director of Sales and Marketing for Life Sciences for Modular Instruments Jayís understanding of scientistsí needs helped the company become the leader and largest supplier of computerized, pre-clinical, data acquisition and analysis systems for the biopharmaceutical industry. As Director of Business Development for Phoenix International Life Sciences in Montreal, Canada and as Corporate Vice-President of Logos Technologies, Ltd., located in England, Jay directed North American marketing opportunities, business development and sales. Jay currently operates JMC Associates, a pre-clinical and clinical research consulting business.

In all, Jay has more than 12 years of national and international business experience working with numerous universities, medical schools, biotechnology companies and nearly all pharmaceutical companies. Jayís experience has proven invaluable in the development of the Biotechnology Programís Health and Genetically Engineered Food Project and the Womenís Human Rights Science and Technology Project, as well as the Womenís Environmental Health Program and Pediatric Environmental Health Project.

Deb Hollander, Vice-President Program Development

Deb HollanderDeb Hollander is Vice-President for Program Development and brings to the Saratoga Foundation for Women WorldWide years of experience in the marketing, public relations and advertising fields. Deb Hollander is the founder of CEC, Condor East Communications, an advertising and communications firm which was established in 1989. MORE...


Fred Newdom, A.C.S.W., Vice-President of Finance and Program Development

Fred NewdomVice-President of Finance and Program Development Fred Newdom, A.C.S.W., possesses over thirty years experience working in the arenas of politics, education and government. Fred is President of ProAct, an Albany, New York based consulting firm specializing in advocacy and organizational development services. MORE...


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