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Economic and Human Rights

Economic Justice and Human Rights Oversight Project

Economic and Human RightsThere is a global interconnectedness among industrialized and developing countries of consumer behavior, environmental degradation and the spiraling upward growth of transnational corporations. The Economic Justice & Human Rights Oversight Project strives to influence the economic and human rights systems at the national, regional and international levels.

The power of the U.S. economy and military have a great effect on the capacity of developing countries around the world to meet their own social and economic goals. Through trade agreements that have undercut the social welfare programs of other countries, the U.S. has contributed to increasing inequality. Through the use of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the U.S. has imposed draconian austerity budgets in developing countries. Economic justice must be pursued globally to prevent more developed countries from exploiting the natural resources and labor markets of developing countries. Human rights abuses and economic justice issues are integrally tied together. Where women lack economic power, they are subject to human rights violations.

Operating from a women-centered perspective and being committed to political and economic justice provides the basis for a synthesis to address these global issues. Each of the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwideís programs is administered through the lens of the Economic Justice & Human Rights Project which examines ways to promote economic self-sufficiency to guarantee that women exercise an active role in economic and human rights decision making at all levels. The objective of this program is to assist women to achieve a better standard of living worldwide, which includes the securing of proper housing, employment, food, health care and a healthy environment.

Focus of the Economic Justice & Human Rights Oversight Project is placed on the development of contacts and familiarity with human rights entities, documentation of abuses, and advocacy of initiatives to promote and defend womenís human rights.

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