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Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide Fellowship Program

fellowship programsThe Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide invites individuals to apply for participation in the organizationís Fellowship Program. Each fellow is assigned to work on one or more of the organizationís programs and will work under the direct supervision of a Research Associate. Applicants to the Fellowship Program must have a minimum of two years work experience; possess strong communication, research, writing, networking and computer skills; be familiar with womenís human rights issues and/or possess a major in government, education, womenís studies, biology or business/marketing; possess a demonstrated record of professionalism and innovation; be ready to play a leadership role in an organization that strives to reshape womenís lives; and have a strong commitment to improve womenís human rights around the globe.

Interested candidates can request a copy of the Fellowship Program Application by completing our online request form or by contacting us directly.





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